As Associates of the International Mobility Convention, we stand united in our sincere goal that ethical, efficient and quality services to the public are the ultimate goals of this Association. Thus we strive to provide the highest level of service excellence to our consumers and business associates by adhering to the following:

  1. To promote the lawful best interests of our industry, association and trade.
  2. To conduct business in a professional and responsible manner.
  3. To adhere to a policy of honesty and integrity in accordance with generally accepted principles of professional conduct.
  4. To encourage and develop the highest level of industry standards and services.
  5. To comply with all applicable laws and governmental regulations.
  6. To refrain from engaging in any activities which discredits the Association or any of its Associates.
  7. To not compete unfairly with other Associates.
  8. To abide by all lawful agreements to which Associates are a party, including agreements with customers, the Association and Associatess.
  9. To acknowledge and respect the cultural similarities and differences among all Associates.
  10. To deal fairly with all customers, Associates and other business entities.
  11. To be forthright and truthful in all professional communication.