Associate Registration Form


Members will have special discount rates to attend regional conventions in Asia, Europe, Africa & Latin America.

Only paid members can use the IMC logo for websites and business cards and we give nonmembers 18 months to remove IMC.


  • IMC GOLD SEAL award system for paid members who pay for audit and once qualify they have a gold seal for their usage on websites, cards etc. Highest rating mover gets an award at convention.
  • IMC SOCIAL HUB for easy CHAT amongst members (coming soon)
  • IMC PPP payment protection program for paid membership.
  • IMC CLAIMS ADJUST we use professional adjusters to the moving business to assist MEMBERS reduce their claims.
  • IMC INSURANCE a global deal with best rates for MEMBERS.
  • IMC CLOUD this will be used in operations divisions for MEMBERS to exchange client’s documentation and will be inside the social networking area of the site.
  • IMC REWARD POINTS the more conventions a member attends will enable them GOLD SILVER AND BRONZE access prices for future conventions. EG some people might attend all 3 IMC events in Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  • IMC ONLINE RATES together with MATT CLOUD for online rates.
  • IMC BRANDING this would be open for all members to buy cheap products in Asia for give away for clients with their logos etc.
  • IMC STANDS we offer good prices from Asian providers for agents to have portable stands for MEMBERS only.
  • IMC FOUNDATION this will help as at present various charities around the world and therefore allowing MEMBERS to conform with their local requirements in CSR.

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We hereby apply to be an associate of IMC World and agree to the following :
  • to abide to the By-Laws of IMC World
    Please take a moment to read through IMC's By-Laws and Code of Conduct
  • to honour the Code of Business Conduct of the Association
  • to maintain and update the company profile to reflect current information
  • to put IMC World logo on our website
We certify that the above information is true and correct to our knowledge.
Yes, I confirm I have read and understood the By Laws and Code of Business Conduct of IMC World.